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Latest news:

April 12, 2012:
First preview screenshots of the upcoming Farming Simulator 2011 Addon 2 are available now. More…

Nov 7, 2011:
New screenshots of the upcoming Skiregion-Simulator 2012 DLC1 from GIANTS Software are available here.

October 13, 2011:
Skiregion-Simulator 2012 vehicle, trailer and equipment lists are available here.

Sept 26, 2011:
New screenshots of the upcoming Skiregion-Simulator 2012 from GIANTS Software are available here.

Sept 15, 2011:
www.sr-mods.de is online now

August 28, 2010:
Demolition Company is now available on Steam.

July 25, 2010:
Finally it is possible to create new destructible buildings with our new tool. It is available in the Destructible Creation Tutorial.

June 29, 2010:
Blackburner's mod missions are available now.

June 27, 2010:
New article about creating Map Mods for Demolition Company available.

June 6, 2010:
New Demolition Company mods are now available. Check it out here

May 25, 2010:
The Mod-Download-Section is now available. Check it out!

May 24, 2010:
New article about the Demolition Company Console Commands available.

May 21, 2010:
The offical Demolition Company Demo is now available.

April 28, 2010:
The offical trailer is now available.

April 25, 2010:
www.dc-mods.de is online now

Last changes:
February 12, 2016

Destructible Creation Tutorial

This tool allows you to create completely new destructible buildings for Demolition Company

Watch the YouTube videos below to see how to create an I3D file that is suitable for this tool.

Please leave your comments, critics or wishes in the GIANTS Support Forum in this thread.

Input I3D:
Inner Joints Break Force:
Inner Joints Break Torque:
World Joints Break Force:
World Joints Break Torque:
World Joints YOffset:
Break Threshold:
Angular Break Threshold:
Render Update Threshold:
Max Damage:
See the article Destruction Settings for details about the parameters.

Video Tutorial

Part 1: Mesh Creation
Part 2: Create Split Texturing
Part 3: Generate Destructible