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Last changes:
February 12, 2016

Destruction Settings

Here is a description of the destruction options in the GIANTS editor, which can be used to tune the behavior of the destructible objects


Inner Joint Break Force: The physics force that needs to be applied to break a wall. Forces are applied if you drive into the building with a vehicle.
Inner Joint Break Torque: This is almost the same as the break force. This describes the force in the rotational direction which needs to be applied.
World Joint Break Force/Torque: This is the force/torque which holds the object to the world, which normally is the ground.
World Joint YOffset: For each part of the object, which is below the given YOffset value, a connect to the world is created. Make this really small (e.g. -10000) if you want no connection with the world
Break Threshold: This describes the distance a fragment can have from its initial position until it is shown visually at the new position.
Angular Break Threshold: This is the same as the break threshold, but in angular direction.
Render Update Threshold: An fragment is only visually updated if it has moved further than this threshold since the last update.
Max Damage: Tools like the Sledgehammer or the Jackhammer of the vehicles, add damage while they hit the objects. If more than max damage was added at one spot, the object may fall apart eventhough not enough physical force is acting.

Normally you want to change the values of all parts of the buildings. For this purpose it is easier to open the i3d file in a text editor an replace the values there. The names of the attributes are listed here:

Name in the GIANTS Editor Name of the attribute
Inner Joint Break Force innerJointsBreakForce
Inner Joint Break Torque innerJointsBreakTorque
World Joint Break Force worldJointsBreakForce
World Joint Break Torque worldJointsBreakTorque
World Joint YOffset worldJointsYOffset
Break Threshold breakThreshold
Angular Break Threshold angularBreakThreshold
Render Update Threshold renderUpdateThreshold
Max Damage maxDamage